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Our quality philosophy is aligned with customer satisfaction in quality and economic efficiency. The quality philosophy contains demands for employee and management with the aim of the continuous improvement of the processes while manufacturing, logistics and quality.

Company-orientated targets

Company-orientated targets:

  • Motivated and active employees
  • Highest quality standards
  • Zero-error = no scrap, no rework
  • Innovative company by application of modern operation equipment as well as trained staff

Product-related targets

Product-related targets:

  • Internal as well as external quality assessment
  • Logical correction and preventive measures
  • Advanced quality planning
  • Statistical analysis

Customer-focused targets

Customer-focused targets:

  • On-time deliveries by an adequate stock level
  • Pre-Material planning with weekly adjustment
  • Customer satisfaction by assessment of the customer feedbacks
  • Customer inquiries are answered in very short time
  • Continuous delivery monitoring by EDI

Higher-level objectives

Higher-level objectives:

  • Marginal costs will be achieved by using modern machining equipment
  • Documentation of continuous improvements and targets
  • Optimization of the processes by regular audits and statistical assessment